Twisted Fate and Wanderers

Twisted Fate and Wanderers

Dear God, let me out of this trance;
a dead man walking.
Devoid of anything in his heart and mind.
Just a hollow vessel.

A twisted fate, no please!
You’ve got them wrong!
I was never meant to be here.

The life I saw, and can see,
is a pathway to the garden and beauty.
Gold and lavishness with each blink;
Peace and laughter with each word.

Only, they exist no more,
down the winding paths,
of darkness, and of dead willows.

Scream. Snickers.
Echoing again and again.
Bushes and thorns tear at my skin.
Gashes, blood and scars.

A princess, born.
Dying, a commoner.

The only way is to leave.
Leave, and find my own.
A place, a friend, a home.
A place I can call mine.

None can take me.
Blending in the midst of the crowd.
Wandering these winding paths.

Following the sound of hope,
and at each turn,
a dead corner.

No one telling where it leads.
The ghost of past wanderers,

A mask on, a mask off.
A smile.
A frown. A tear.
You see my face, but comprehend if you can!

Look into my eyes.
A window to no soul.
Of voidness only.

Everybody plays blind.

No story, no soul.
Just no one.
Who are you?

It’s me.
Who are you looking at?
What are you looking at?


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